One of the greatest things about playing with Robert and the band is that we have never really made the same record twice. Each one is a work unto itself, a place in time, and never formulaic. This makes it so much fun as a musician because we always get to create each record from a blank slate and simply allow ourselves to go where the songs and the music takes us without the worry of having to achieve any stylistic expectation.

That being said, I have to give a HUGE “thank you” to our fans for embracing our latest record, “Happy Prisoner”, and the ensuing shows with enthusiastic, open arms. The venues have been packed and the fans are so gracious and receptive to the bluegrass show, including the re-invented acoustic versions of “the hits” from Robert’s catalogue. To be honest, we were a little nervous about the possible reception we would get, but after playing the first song at the first show, those fears were dispelled.

Far too often, a performer’s fans will find it hard to accept a new artistic direction or experimentation, often leaving to follow the “next one” that sounds like the previous. But, Robert’s fans have consistently embraced every new record and each new direction we have gone. You keep your ears and minds open to his constantly evolving writing and artistic direction – truly an exception to the rule.

For a musician, it is the most amazing feeling that you all “get it” and are with us on this incredible journey. I truly hope this “road goes on forever” and I am happy we have such great people with us to go along for the ride.