“Keen insists on using his well-seasoned road band as his foundation in the studio. “I’ve got a really good band… and they can hold their own against most studio guys”

Albums/ Singles:

“Western Chill” Robert Earl Keen

“Live Dinner Reunion” Robert Earl Keen

“Happy Prisoner: the bluegrass sessions” Robert Earl Keen

“Ready for Confetti” Robert Earl Keen

“Rose Hotel” Robert Earl Keen

Live at the Ryman” Robert Earl Keen

“What I Really Mean” Robert Earl Keen

Farm Fresh Onions” Robert Earl Keen

“Gravitational Forces” Robert Earl Keen

“Walking Distance” Robert Earl Keen

“Best” Robert Earl Keen

“Marfa After Dark” Robert Earl Keen

Undone-Steamboat Tribute” Robert Earl Keen

Live From Austin Texas” Robert Earl Keen

“Leveland”(radio single) – Robert Earl Keen

Down the Road” Rodney Hayden

“Living the Good Life” Rodney Hayden

Atascosa Sand” Rodney Hayden

The Real Thing” Rodney Hayden

Shouldn’t Have Told You That” Dixie Chicks

Little Ol’ Cowgirl” Dixie Chicks

Home on the Radar Range” Dixie Chicks

Begin the Seguin” Bryan Duckworth

“Happy Texas” Movie Soundtrack

“Texas Fed/Texas Bred” (DualTone)

“Lantana” Caroline Herring

What Luck” Stephen Clair

“Lonesome, On’ry and Mean” Waylon Jennings Tribute

Lyrics of Gold” Ed Miller

“Wishing Sky” Billy Crockett

Come Sunrise” Rita Hoskins

“Unwound” Jena Walker

Before the Dawn” Marty Muse

“Grand Island” David Beck

I Sat Down and Wrote You a Song” Brad Boyer

“Bury Me in the Red Clay” Mary Cogan

Tips and Compliments” Matt Harlan

“Horseshoe” Kevin Meyers

Middle of the Midwest” Jared Gile

“West Texas Vernacular” John Baumann

“NPR Studio Cuts”

This is Americana Volume2” 

“Burn” Rita Hoskins 

“Surrender” Roger Creager

“A Thousand Oceans” Sherah

“The Good Fight” Cory Morrow

“Cold Beer and Country Music” Mark Willenborg

Commercial Jingles:

Delta Pride Catfish 


Tippins Pie Pantry

Houston Rodeo & Livestock Show 

Cavenders Boots 

Nine Acres


Corporate Magic 


Prudential Insurance 

Polaris ATV 


“Ski Vail” – Vail, CO

“”Texas Country Reporter” Theme