Recording – Remote / In Studio

“In the studio, Tom is a rock-solid pro! His attitude and creative spark helped lift the entire session and made our project better than I could have imagined.”

Tom is a veteran of countless recording sessions, creating drum tracks that range from traditional to “outside the box”. His main philosophy for any session is to always, unselfishly, support the song by creating the right texture, atmosphere and feel.

Tom can create original loops in Ableton, adding an extra sonic dimension to the song. He also has a large collection of percussion instruments to add just the right percussion parts to be the “icing on the cake” of your track.


“Keen’s cover of “Flying Shoes” a thumping arrangement that retains the haunting feeling of Townes Van Zandt’s original, and kicks off “Something I Do” with a double-take of a drum loop that blossoms quickly into one of the record’s best songs.” – No Depression Magazine

From demos to jingles, single tunes to entire records, his experience and ability will bring a special feel and quality to your project.

Tom can record your project in the studio of your choice or remotely, sending mixed stems or raw tracks that you can mix to fit perfectly into your tracks.

“The musicianship on Ready for Confetti is professional and slick, which is basically status-quo … he’s got a longtime band of crack-players who utilize everything from Hammond B3 organs to congas to keep things from getting dusty…. the knee-slapping percussion on “I Gotta Go” is notable.”   –

To book a session or get more information, email Tom at Be sure to include a description of your recording project and any other pertinent information.