“I don’t believe in having a set curriculum for my lessons. I tend to create a course of study to address each student’s particular needs and what they want to get out of the lessons.”

“Proper technique is essential, but the ability to use that technique in a musical way is the ultimate goal of any student of music.” 

Tom is a graduate of the esteemed music program at University of North Texas, receiving a Bachelors Degree in Jazz Studies, Percussion and Music Theory. He has 40 years of teaching experience at the private, high school and college levels. Many of his students have gone on to have successful careers in music as players and instructors, including Norah Jones and Shaun Martin (Snarky Puppy, Erykah Badu, Chaka Kahn). His extensive performance and studio resume only adds to the wealth of information he can share with his students to reach their ultimate potential.

His focus is on making each student a musician… not only a “drummer”. Lessons focus on technique, independence, musicality, reading, music theory, active listening, and understanding the skills that it takes to be successful in the student’s musical world and beyond.

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“One of my main goals is to teach the student how to teach themselves. A one hour lesson each week will not help anyone progress if they are not practicing correctly and with intent away from the lessons. The student must be self aware of motion and flow and practice with focused mindfulness. These are skills are as important in the long run as building up any sort of blazing technique or outrageous limb co-ordination.” 


  • Private Lessons are $80 for a 50 minute lesson.
  • “House Call” Lessons ( at your home, on your kit ) are $140 for a 60 minute lesson.
  • If you are interested in scheduling a lesson, please go to the CONTACT page.

For more information or to schedule a lesson, email Tom at lessons@tomvanschaik.com