“After seeing Roy Burns at a drum clinic in the 90’s, we talked and he gave me some Aquarian heads to try out. I have never played another drumhead since. Their combination of resonance, body and durability is unmatched in the market. The SuperKick heads are the Mt. Everest of bass drum heads.”    (1993 – Present)



“A company run by players, for players, with the highest quality control I’ve ever seen. I almost forgot what playing with a solid stick feels like… Effortless! Beyond their amazing products, IP feels like family. I look forward to many
years of working with this great company and it’s great people!”    
(2019 – Present)


“Mapex has some of the toughest quality control in the industry… and it shows. Every Mapex kit I have played literally sings. The drums are so musical and responsive and will do anything I ask of them. I had one kit on the road for 8 years and it sounded as good in year 8 as it did on day one. Their hardware has never let me down.”    (2000 – Present)


“I played Sabian cymbals for years before I endorsed them. They are the most musical and responsive cymbals on the market today. They are always striving to improve their existing lines, as well as, create new sounds, textures and sonic experiences”    (1999 – Present)



“Every musician is always searching for tough, sturdy, but lightweight cases to protect their instruments out on the road. Keeley’s innovative design using corrugated plastic panels, instead of the traditional laminated plywood in their custom ATA cases, delivers exactly that. Extremely light weight and sturdier than wood. A must have, especially on fly dates when you don’t want your case taking up half of your airline weight allowance.” (2014 – Present)